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Strike the Match Week of Prayer


Come out this week as we gather together each night with the church of Flint to pray. Each night will be at a different location. The week will culminate with a Strike the Match gathering on Sunday night. 

Strike The Match Regional Gathering


 The match has been struck and the fire is burning! It's time to run with the movement!

The Strike the Match gatherings we had just a few weeks ago were historic in every sense of the word. People from all over Michigan and the greater Great Lakes region, even into Canada gathered with an intense anticipation of what God would do. The meeting in Flint on December 9th specifically was monumental in its implications. We saw a territorial spirit of death manifest to try to take out the voice of the prophet represented in Chuck Pierce. As we prayed, decreed and stood firm in the midst of the enemy's last ditch effort to harass and steal what God was doing, the gathered church (ecclesia) overcame and a huge territorial power was displaced over the region. The Lord moved in a powerful way demonstrating his authority through his people, bringing territorial victory which will ultimately result in transformation! This stuff is straight out of the New Testament friends!

Now, the movement has begun! The Lord is sweeping in and overtaking us in this region and now is the time to advance. We need your voice and your faith present with us as we begin to create momentum for the movement in the place where the Lord caused us to overcome!

When Chuck Pierce was with us, he spoke with us that after the breakthrough came, he felt we needed to have 9 meetings over 9 months, strike meetings to maintain, steward and advance the movement that has begun. We resonated with that word and are going back to Flint, to Riverside Tabernacle on January 13th at 6PM for the first strike.

Please join with us and come to the rallying cry of, "glory!" that is arising over this Great Lakes territory. God is on the move, it's time to advance and your voice is vitally important! Join us and see you in Flint! The match has been struck and the fire is burning! It's time to run with the movement! 

Intercession Weekend Intensive


Moses. Daniel. Esther. Jesus. History belongs to the intercessor. 

Throughout the ages, God has called and set apart men and women to stand in the gap - to see mercy released and the destiny of a people, or even a nation, fulfilled. Lives often hang in the balance. And in this hour of history, the invitation to enter the courts of Heaven and partner with the King resounds louder than ever.


Come join us February 1st and 2nd as we come  before our great High Priest who "always lives to make intercession" and ask Him to teach us to pray.  

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