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The Final STRIKE!


 In December, Chuck Pierce released the word of the Lord to us, “Strike the ground nine times.”

This was in response to the massive spiritual breakthrough we had in the “strike the match” gatherings which were a culmination of a word spoken over 20 years ago. The word was that “the match would be struck in Flint and the move of God would usher forth to the Nation.” Chuck Pierce had given us this word in 1994 and the word found it’s moment as we gathered together in Flint, Detroit and Ann Arbor. What the Lord did in those meetings needed to be sustained, hence the “9 strikes” word.

Now we are coming to the culmination of that word as we gather for our “final strike”, September 8th, 6PM at Riverside Tabernacle in Flint.

This last meeting is something we feel is very strategic, important and timely as we fulfill and complete one assignment and then launch into what the Lord has for us next.

We have invited leaders from different spheres of society, representing different “mountains of influence”. We have also invited several first nations leaders who have graciously agreed to join us. They have authority over the Land as those who were here first and even more so as believers, redeemed from their bloodline.

Gather with us! We are expecting God to do something awesome and manifest his purpose and glory in our midst for a movement of God, from Flint to the Nation!
*Children are welcome to participate, but there is no childcare provided.