Upcoming Events

Strike the Match

Join us and others from across Michigan and beyond, for a series of strategic, key gatherings for our state of Michigan in December. We are inviting in Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce, Tim Sheets, and Steve Swanson for worship. 

These are specific meetings to breakthrough over the region; breaking it into awakening and Harvest. Several years ago, Chuck Pierce prophesied that the match would be struck in Flint, MI. He said that the move of God would move forward across this region from there. This is why we are calling these gatherings, “strike the match” as we believe it will awaken a movement over our region, state and the entire Great Lakes region. 

There is a stirring of the Spirit of God over the Great Lakes region. In the past few months as I’ve prayed for Michigan, I constantly see visions of whirlwinds over the Great Lakes. I’ve been attempting to discern what that means and at this point I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a time of extremely heightened activity over this area; God activity, which releases revival, awakening and harvest.

December 7th and 8th, Friday night and Saturday morning, Tim Sheets will be at Shekinah speaking on the new era that the Church has moved into on a global scale. December 9th, Sunday evening at 6 PM, Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce will be speaking at Riverside Tabernacle in Flint Michigan. December 10th, Monday morning, at 10 AM will be a pastors and leaders meeting held at Shekinah in Ann Arbor. This meeting is open to any pastor or leader. Monday night, at 7 PM both Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets will be speaking at the Crowne Plaza in downtown Detroit Michigan. Steve Swanson will be with us for all of these events in every location, leading the worship to facilitate the move of God and bring forth the new sound God has given to him. 

I believe that this series of meetings is extremely important and vital for us to move forward corporately as a state and region. 

Please RSVP!! All events are free, but we need you to RSVP so we can plan accordingly. Now is the time and you are the people! God is moving...let's strike the match and see God awaken the movement all across the Great Lakes region.

God bless you as you advance in this new season. 

Barbara J. Yoder